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Labor Market Surveys and the Defense Base Act – How your benefits can be reduced July 22, 2008

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Along with IMEs (Independent Medical Examinations) and FCEs (Functional Capacity Evaluations), the Labor Market Survey is a common device used by insurer’s to suspend or reduce your benefits.


A labor market survey is study of the job market in your area, performed by a “Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist” who is hired by the insurance company. It is designed to be a list of jobs that you are qualified for and are physically capable of performing based on your physical limitations.


More often than not, the survey is not intended to help you find a suitable job, but rather creates an excuse to reduce your bi-weekly benefits. When you are either held off of work by your doctor, or have limitations which prevent you from returning to your original position overseas, the weekly benefit you receive of 2/3 of your weekly wages (with caps depending on the year in which you were injured) is known as Total Temporary Disability (TTD). It refers to your “total” inability to earn money.