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1,264 civilian contractors have died in Iraq/Afghanistan according to most recent figures March 10, 2009

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That total is according to Pentagon figures released in September 2008. Sadly, that number rises weekly and the AP has reported another death, a Dyncorp employee shot by a sniper. We reported last spring that the death toll of government contractors had just surpassed 1,000. I hate that the first updated total of this grim statistic had to come in yet another story of a young man cut down in his prime. Our prayers are with Justin Pope’s family and the families of all those who have lost a loved one in these wars.

Below is the AP report:

RIVERVIEW, Mich. (AP) — A U.S. veteran who returned to Iraq as a civilian contractor was shot to death while protecting American diplomats in Iraq, his employer said Sunday.

Justin Pope, 25, died after being shot late Wednesday or early Thursday in Kirkuk, said Douglas Ebner, a spokesman for Falls Church, Va.-based DynCorp International.

Detroit-area television station WJBK reported Saturday that Pope was killed by sniper fire. Ebner denied that, saying Pope died of “an accidental gunshot wound.” He would not elaborate, saying the incident was under investigation by DynCorp and the U.S. State Department.

“We’re very sorry that this happened,” Ebner said. “The family has our condolences.”


Pope’s mother, Patricia Salser, said her son joined the Marines after graduating from Riverview High School in 2002. He served two military tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan before returning to Iraq as a DynCorp employee, WJBK reported.

Pope’s survivors include his wife and a 7-year-old son.

The AP has reported 1,264 civilian employees of U.S. government contractors died through Sept. 30, 2008, the latest figures available. The vast majority of civilian contractors in Iraq are employed by the Pentagon.

DynCorp is one of three U.S.-based security contractors that work for the State Department in Iraq.

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1. Anonymous - May 20, 2009

Currently, Dyncorp is also being sued in court for the deaths of their subcontractors Dyncorp FZ-LLC in Iraq and Afghanistan. See Parlin v. Dyncorp (Iraq case) and Deuley et. al vs Dyncorp in Afghanistan. The subcontractor Dyncorp FZ-LLC provides the DBA coverage therefore they are not part of the lawsuit. Dyncorp International is the parent company and are NOT free from liability in TORT law. If you worked for Dyncorp FZ-LLC and have been injured or your loved one has been killed, contact a lawyer and refer them to these cases.

**Remember the DBA coverage you receive is not a “GIFT” from company. It is mandatory and is reimbursed in the contract by the governement/tax payers. The life insurance you may receive – the insurance premium is most likely reimbursed to the company by the government. No matter how well the company may be treating you, it may be just until the statutes of limitations pass so that you don’t file a lawsuit. Check your options and don’t play their game!)

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2. Ivette giraldo - February 20, 2010

Richard scott bullard is my husband and I want to know if he is alive .

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