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Hillary Clinton to Ban Private Security Contractors in Iraq ? March 17, 2008

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We try to stay away from the political debate over Iraq, but this tidbit is quite topical in our ongoing discussion of the Defense Base Act (DBA). Private security contractors have been controversial addtions to the U.S.’s contractor forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Based on the nature of their positions in this dangerous arena, it is no surprise that a large number of these contractors have had to rely on Workers’ Compensation under the DBA. Maybe those days are numbered:

Speaking this morning, Hillary hits Obama for not ruling out continuing to use armed private contractors in Iraq. She wants to ban such contractors.

Read more from The Campaign Spot.

UPDATE: Bloomberg.com has a good article on this now.

The Pentagon has about 137,000 contract workers in Iraq, of which about 7,300 work in security. One contractor in particular, Blackwater Worldwide of Moyock, North Carolina, has come under scrutiny by Congress and the courts after a series of violent incidents involving its employees, including a 2007 shooting that killed at least 17 Iraqis.



1. jackle - June 3, 2008

It’s a win win situation or a loose loose situation?

Qestions to be answered…..

1. Can American’s handle the number of unemployed contractors if they are made to return home and not work abroad? There is no un-employement for these guys, so who supports them and their families while they are out of work? Do we even have jobs for them with everything closing down and production down????????

2. Would this then cause a “DRAFT” ? This war has already taken it toll on what military we have left, how do we continue otherwise?

3. Has anyone actually put any thoughts in what if here?

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